Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




You will find a new reason to stay focused on your own emotional needs. You're tired of taking care of everyone else and neglecting yourself. 

Have you ever heard of the term "codependent"? You need to get acquainted with it because nowadays it has become a popular concept. 

You want to make everyone's dream come true but you forget about the most critical person in your life, Capricorn, yourself. 

Start loving yourself madly, explore what makes you happy and witness the changes that will take place. Perhaps some will be upset by this; others might leave your side but fret not because only the best people will remain by your side. Have faith in this process. 

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Today, you will enjoy a boost of creativity that will inspire you to come up with new ideas and projects. Be ready to take notes and record everything that goes through your head. 

You have the potential to be a great business person, you're always on top of global economic trends and always in tune with your customers' needs. Imagine everything that you could achieve if you believed in your powers. Make the most of the positive astral influence and give life to your deepest desire. 



Your heart will provide you with the final push to leave your comfort zone and meet your true inner self. You can't keep ignoring your most sensitive side and not expect to pay the price. 

If the weather allows for it, try and go for a quiet walk, empty your mind and listen to the calling of your heart. 

Focus your thoughts and come to terms with your tendency to control everything, feel your body relax. Breathe out and let go of all tension or pain, and imagine breathing in a purifying sea of purple light.