Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



Being cold and distant will probably isolate you during a party or reunion today where most of your friends will be present. This, however, won't get in the way of you meeting someone special- A bold Taurus will charge into your life and inspire you to enjoy life without any limitations. 

It's only reasonable that you feel scared seeing how you like to control everything, including your feelings. Today, however, just let go and allow things to happen. 

Capricorns that are in a committed relationship should expect a surprise from their significant other. Both of you have met your responsibilities head-on in your relationship so now you deserve some time together. 

Forget about your busy schedule and problems tonight. 



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Someone at work that you barely know might end up manipulating you into spilling information that you shouldn't. Magic Horoscope recommends that you pay attention so that people don't catch you with your guard down and land you into trouble. 

If you haven't found a steady job yet, today is not the ideal time to go for interviews and meetings. It is, however, a great day for working on your resume and planning your schedule for tomorrow. 


Your diet these past weeks is taking its toll, and you might suffer from constipation if you don't take some cautionary measures. 

You have three allies against this situation: drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, do exercise and eat food that is rich in fiber.

Make sure these three secret weapons never leave your side in your everyday life.