Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




If you’re single today you will end a conversation that you had started with someone you’re attracted to. You have expectations regarding this person but today you may not get any positive gesture regarding your interests.

Those who have someone by their side may not be able to taste the honey of love today. Astral conditions are unfavourable to achieve a space for privacy. You’ll experience multiple interruptions and domestic life problems and you’ll be left wanting nothing more than resting and looking at nothing. Don’t worry, Capricorn, the truth is that love is there for you even if you can’t enjoy it every day.

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Maybe you haven’t found your dream job yet. Finding a suitable job is something that’s difficult at the moment. You’ll still have a job where you can show your ability to work and earn some money.

Don’t be sad or discouraged as you always take the best paths for your growth and this time it won’t be different. Confidence in your ability to respond to any responsibility you have in front of you is important so that you can present your best face to potential bosses or partners.

If you’re experiencing a difficult time when it comes to money and believes in magic, try a seven-colour candle to make all the roads of abundance open up in front of you and find the doors that must be opened to find peace.


Your body is a sponge that takes all the vibrations that are available in your surroundings. The tension that you feel throughout today may be due to the bad energy around you. The stress of those who live near you ends up affecting your nervous system. A hot shower and a simple foot massage will do wonders.