Capricorn Daily Horoscope for September 2

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You’ve felt that love has changed for a while now. You expect more from your partner and at the same time, you feel that nothing you give is enough. Perhaps it’s time to take distance and submit the relationship to a review.

We don’t need to suffer in this life, you know that you can be fine even if loneliness is your partner. If you feel uncomfortable or this love you have is bad, be smart and take some time to evaluate where you are.

Today you have to love yourself, Capricorn. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, nobody can love you if you don’t love yourself first. You know it and it's time to put it into practice.


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If you had pending issues related to your finances, today could be the day you solve these issues that have generated so much concern.

Neglecting your work to help partners or relatives is a very big risk at the moment. You have a lot to accomplish and you could put your reputation at risk, Capricorn.

Magic Horoscope recommends you update your knowledge about a topic that concerns your career or trade, otherwise, you could miss a unique opportunity that will lead you to take an important step towards your well-being.

For today, the fortune number of the natives of Capricorn is 99. This angelic numerology number refers to the reception of a very important message from the Universe. You have all the information you need to get down to work to achieve your divine purpose. Ask the spirits of nature for assistance to achieve these goals.


Today is a perfect day to do things regarding prevention. Check your health in general, get the tests that your GP considers appropriate according to your age and your health conditions done. Don’t miss the chance to ask for your appointment.