Capricorn Daily Horoscope for January 20

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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You're finally enjoying the satisfaction of having your efforts recognized because your displays of affection have not gone by unnoticed. Your mind and your body are once more at the mercy of your loved one's wishes. 

Today will be a day of tenderness, meaningful conversations, sweet nothings, and friendly visits. 

Cooking could be an activity that brings you two together while preparing and trying delicious new meals. Love requires different kinds of spices, and a gourmet meal is something to share and have fun trying while your senses are engulfed in fantastic flavors. 


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Magic Horoscope's prediction for Capricorn natives introduces the possibility of a new investment opportunity that could give your finances the boost they needed. 

Experts' advice regarding investments is not to put all your eggs in one basket as you risk falling prey to economic instability and other sociological factors. 


This Sunday, your bathroom scales might indicate that you've gained a few pounds. Ask yourself whether or not you've been under stress lately and you'll understand why the sudden weight gain. 

Stress is what's making you devour those fries and candy. 

Fats and sugar offer temporary relief for stress symptoms, and if you make a habit out of these snacking moments, you might end up with digestion problems. Try replacing the junk food with bits of fruit and natural juices. 

On the other hand, little or poor quality sleep can also cause weight gain. Remember that for our reptilian brain, fats represent protection from stress which is why we need to pay attention to how much we consume.