Capricorn Daily Horoscope |





The planetary aspects that accompany you today benefit recreational activities. It’s an excellent day to meet or celebrate with friends.

Regarding the relationship with your partner, you have to be very careful as any discomfort or small argument can turn into a major conflict.

Try to avoid friction, be careful with your words as you could unleash a storm that won’t be over quickly.

If you have something to say, you’ll have to find the most convenient time.

Natives who are single can be somewhat reactive to the words of friends and family. Managing anger is something that’ll benefit you and all your loved ones.


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Today is more than favourable for sales and advertising promotions. If you have to sell something, post your ad today as the planetary alignments are conspiring to make it successful.

Natives who are looking for a job can now make phone calls and send emails in the search for new opportunities.

This could be a very lucky day if you let yourself be carried away by the flow of events. Things are going to go smoothly down a road of abundance and achievement. Don’t force it or obstruct it with your anxiety.




The sadness you don’t express often comes out in the form of bad temper or emotional roughness. The tears you don’t let out are transformed into acid words and hostile looks.

If you feel you have a lot of baggage in your heart and you can’t release it naturally, you may need a few sessions of psychological therapy.

A space in which you can release your fears and your anxieties, with a person who is able to contain you and give you their point of view with objectivity and professional certainty.

There is nothing wrong with seeking help and you may find that you achieve a lot in your emotional development.