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If you're one of the natives who are in a relationship,today doubts are the main enemy of love. Distrust, lack of long-term commitment and a desire for freedom could be sabotaging your relationship.

It's not a good time for you to make claims or want to impose new agreements. Everything you say could be used against you and that way, no one can be victorious in love, you both lose.

Native singles can take the day to enjoy outings in the company of friends. Going out for a fun dinner can be a great relief for the emotional stress you're experiencing. Be free and learn to enjoy this aspect of your life.

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You're subject to fierce competition. Because there are those who want your place and realising that has put you in a combat situation.

You shouldn't be alarmed since you're in a good position to win this battle. Every day you're stronger and more persistent.

You're not violent or abuse your power, you just have to wait and you're the best at that.Time has always been your ally, Capricorn.

When you least imagine it, you'll see the seeds you've sown in the past grow.

Today you'll have to accept your reality not everyone will be there for you and your projects but you still have to move forward so as not to feel frustrated.


Your health's worst enemy is your anxiety. You can't control what you feel, your jaw clenches even when you sleep and that leads to various discomforts.

Anxiety is widespread evil today. Life is extremely fast-paced and the presence of Pluto in your sign worsens this condition as it brings to mind many ghosts of the past, even matters that aren't yours could affect you.