Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




You often worry more for others than for yourself and that will cause you great anxiety. You could be attacked with information that you don’t want to know about family members for the whole day.

You might meet people who you like very much. Love and affection take on a special dimension because you feel more sensitive than at other times in your life.

You’re creating a new dimension regarding the way you love and feel, you’ve started to be more sensitive and although no one recognises this new you, there’s no turning back.


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You can feel relaxed when you evaluate what you have done and what lies ahead. The natives of your sign stand out for the love they feel for their work and their routines and for the way they perform in positions of responsibility. That’s why you have to free your mind of worries and enjoy today without allowing dark thoughts to cloud your mind.

The lucky number for the natives of your sign today is 18. This is a number that connects with your intuitive and emotional side. It links you to the energy of mother earth, moon and feelings. It’s a feminine number that you can use as a guide during Sunday.


Your regent continues in your sign. This brings you some problems with your bones and joints and certain fatigue and melancholy.

The planetary alignments push you to analyse where your life comes from and you may feel that there’s no future or that the things that have happened are beyond repair or impossible to improve.

Your mood will be really bad if you insist on focusing on the negative side of life. Think about all the good things you have at the moment, make a long list of what you have, including material, spiritual and affective things. You’ll see how good life is to you.