Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




Don’t believe that all that glitters is gold. Maybe you’re getting annoyed with people who make you believe they have more than what they actually do. The simulation of a state of abundance can disturb you and make you get lost in mathematical calculations that have nothing to do with love.

You’re a very reliable person and anyone can seek support by your side. Don’t let intrigues lead you to lose your objectivity.

You’ll have a lot to do to change the current conditions. Don’t despair. Capricorn, you deserve to be supported by the people you love and who you’ve helped in the past. You can improve without sacrificing everything.


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You live in the material world and you know the importance of handling issues related to financial security with audacity, so you’ll have to assume the risks that arise today.

Envy will be a factor that triggers bad influences on bosses or clients. Today the chances of being slandered are high. It’s normal for you to feel angry or annoyed about it, but don’t worry, keep going and malicious people will have what they deserve sooner than you think.

Karma put everything in its place without restrictions or objections and the people who want to harm you without giving them reasons will arrive soon.


Conditions that show a lot of discomfort and tiredness appear in the sky for your sign. The anguish of the bad moments you could have experienced today can wreak havoc on your body.

Anger also greatly damages the state of your organs in general, but the one that is most damaged is your liver. To mitigate the impact that daily life and its conflicts can have, try to release your stress through sports.