Magical Horoscope 7
Daily Horoscope Capricorn | Magic Horoscope




Doubts have seeped into your relationship, and you're finding it difficult to believe your partner's words. Try not to be so suspicious, Capricorn. 

Although you may have gone through lies and deceptions in the past, this doesn't mean you need to relive those moments. People can learn how to adapt their ways over time.  

You're going through a tense moment which will make you more prone to conflict and dominating those around you. 

Try to reign in this domineering attitude; this might be the reason why your partner feels like hiding things from you. 



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Unfortunately, you will be faced with a large domestic expense that you were not expecting. These sort of things happen in most households so you shouldn't blame yourself for it. This is why we recommend keeping a stash of money handy so that when the washing machine breaks down, you are ready to face the challenge. 

Natives of your sign tend to have everything foreseen, even the unforeseeable. That's why you're feeling so aggravated that you were caught off guard. 

Today's lucky number is 27, and it is connected to great professional success. 


The planets' influence is playing tricks on your health today. If you stick to your diet plan and you make sure to incorporate some exercise, you will feel much better, and you'll be able to balance your nervous system and release the stress you accumulate throughout the day. 

Extended periods of stress are dangerous because you can easily relapse and be tempted by unhealthy, fatty food which will only increase your discomfort. 

This is why we recommend you ditch the fast food and turn to fruit and vegetables, soups, and green juices.