Capricorn Daily Horoscope for January 21

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The Full Moon eclipse in Leo from last night will set the tone for a fantastic day - you're brimming with emotions, and you feel like you're on top of the world. If you feel like you've met a special someone then don't let them go; use your gaze to attract them, and make your body's movements communicate your intentions. Go past simple words and allow passion to ignite the love in your heart. 

Single Capricorns will meet an extraordinary person today, and you should not let them get away without telling them how you feel.  


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Work will be a struggle for you today. Your mind is preoccupied, and it's taking up all of your energy, you can hardly wait to get to the end of today, hopefully without making too many mistakes. 

Typically, you're the first one to get started early in the morning; ready to take on the world which is why all your employers have admired you. Today, however, you will be distracted beyond recognition. 

Try and manage your time effectively. You won't be able to focus much so make a list of priorities and stick with it.


During the morning you'll experience the influence of the recently eclipsed Moon. You might have light headaches or feel emotionally vulnerable. You already know that the Moon governs oceans and tides so seeing how humans are 75% water it should come as no surprise that you might feel a little off  today. 

You wish you could break free and not have to face your many responsibilities. 

This is why you should relax today and distance yourself from your to-do list. Find a quiet spot if you can and enjoy a relaxing activity that will take your mind off of your cares.