Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




When you perceive that there are changes in your environment, it’s best to adapt and change as well.  This way, a new dimension of your feelings opens up for you and for those around you.

It’s not easy to modify behaviours that you’ve had since you were a child, but when you manage to do it, you touch the sky with your hands, it’s like winning the lottery.

The moon in the sweet and moving sign of Pisces can help you find your inner fibre and give it to others. Don’t keep your beautiful feelings to yourself Capricorn, don’t let fear take over your communication. It’s time to let the wings of your heart fly in the direction of joy and calmness.


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Make the most of Sunday and its astral locations to clean the energy of your home or your business. Remember that everything you don’t use is energy that doesn’t circulate and that can stop the free flow of your business. Giving is a positive action with which you win because gratitude increases your abundance.

You can cleanse things with laurel and lavender water. You’ll free the whole house from negative energies. These medicinal plants improve your mood, bring serenity and open the roads to prosperity.

Avoid all arguments or discomfort related to money, payment and division of expenses. Focus the conversations on topics that reactivate productivity.


Do you know the wonders that exfoliation does to your health? Releasing dead cells from the surface of your skin is a very good option since this way, you stimulate the blood flow of the capillaries and achieve better oxygenation. You can do it with natural products like a soft oatmeal and honey paste or use a vegetable sponge for your daily routine.