Capricorn Daily Horoscope for June 21

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The time to complain about what repeats itself is over. You should do something so it doesn’t continue to be that way. You already know that what you change will have a result in your environment, generating a change in the attitude of others. Your partner won’t be able to recognise you and may have a negative reaction that attracts discussions regarding issues where you can’t come to agreements.

The natives of your sign who are single can find love in a place that isn’t very romantic. It could be at a bank or perhaps at a doctor’s office. Pay attention to the people who look at you with interest, who could hide a potential romance behind those looks.

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Your role in the company isn’t easy. You usually have to deal with so many issues and you have so much in your head that you’re like the computer of a space agency.

Who could pay all that attention to their job without dying in the attempt Capricorn?  

Well, it’s time for you to make people appreciate you and receive a prize or at least some gratitude.

The way they treat you will make you want to tell people to buzz off and find a new job elsewhere, somewhere where you can find greater respect and joy. Don’t do anything other than fantasizing, there’s a lot of obstruction at the moment due to the effect of the planets Saturn and retrograde Pluto.


You start a new time in which you manifest the need to cleanse your psyche, to find spaces of silence throughout the day to connect with your needs and your true desires.

Sometimes, you might be feeling that your life is that of a robot, of someone who does what is expected of them but doesn’t know who they are. You could meditate at a class or start the practice with a tutorial that you find online. You’ll feel very good.