Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope




You’ll receive bad news about someone you thought was an ally in your emotional life and they’ll turn out to be a suspicious and hostile person. You’ll have to evaluate when you gave them your attention and your energy and what motivated you to do so.

You can expect the best from friends, but you don’t always know who the real friends are. And that’s what these sad and disappointing events are for. To really know who is who in the game of life.

You have given more than you should and the actions of others confuse you. But you have to learn that you don’t always get back what you give from the same person. Other people will come with their love to compensate for this loss. Don’t fall apart.


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The planets are aligned so that the natives of your sign can expect material recognition or a prize from bosses or authorities.

Today you’ll see that an issue that worried you a lot is less problematic than what you thought. This will free you mentally and allow you to apply different ways of doing things.

Uranus in Taurus has entered and you could be very curious about investments in cryptocurrencies. This type of economy is not traditional and may be a bit scary. Check with experts on the subject, it may be convenient for you.




Today the stars affect your hair Capricorn. It may be a bit weakened through the day. If you feel that your hair is weak or dull it could be due to multiple factors.

The weather, the sun, the wind and the quality of the water in the network are all factors that added to what you eat and your health in general will affect the vitality of your hair.Eat more nuts and yoghurt to strengthen your hair.  You could also use a nutrition conditioner on a regular basis.