Capricorn Magic Horoscope 6
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You often have to change your attitude to get out of a situation where there seems to be no solution. The sacrifices you've made in order for your relationship or family life to remain intact will be unproductive. There's not much you can do to hold together something that collapses by its own weight.

You have often changed your behaviour to adapt to the needs of others but it hasn't been a positive thing. Nothing has changed and you'll even feel very bad about having been the only one to put so much effort into your relationship.

You won't care when your partner says it's their fault, you would have preferred another outcome.

Move on Capricorn! Refresh your mind and your heart today. Celebrate the equinox.

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It's time to make an important decision Capricorn. In the next few days, you'll find yourself at a crossroads. It's time to leave behind issues that are bad for you. You'll analyse the toxic situations at work to make the necessary changes.

No matter how much life shows its dark profile, you have to share what you have with those who need it. Generosity will be rewarded with more abundance.

Sharing obligations and tasks with your subordinates will strengthen ties, give them greater confidence and bring you greater profits.

Because you shouldn't always measure what you have in money. There are other goods that can't be bought.


Magic Horoscope recommends that you take the day to rest your muscles. Your body could be exhausted because of working the whole week. You aren't made of iron, you have the same physical limitations as the rest of the world even if are strong-willed.

Gratify your senses: buy some perfume, listen to good music, take a bath with scented salts.