Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


How good it feels when you perceive yourself as free of all pressure to feel what’s bubbling inside you. You’ve been analysing if what’s going on is rational or not for a long time. All those laments you can hear in your head and you manage to silence with justifications will be heard today.

Take a short cut to the certainties of your heart. Stop going over it again and again, Capricorn, todaythe planetary alignments will help you own your feelings without fear of confronting your family’s thoughts.

Mars, from a related sign, urges you to take action to improve your life. It’ll bring a lot of energy to the natives of the third position in particular.


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End the work week with great strength and desire. You have all the energy you need to face the challenges that’ll arise.

You’ll own a sense of personal power that impels you to generate changes. That’s why today you can think about if you’re happy with your life and your job. Think about where you want to direct your career. Think about new paths for your life.

You know better than any other sign of the zodiac that magic wands don’t exist and that achievements are obtained through trial and error until reaching the excellence that so characterises you.

You’ll seek to do your tasks the best way you can and you’ll achieve admiration for your ability.


Your health is more than good. You can’t complain about your wellness, many annoyances that you’ve been suffering have disappeared today. That’s why you could create a new habit that’ll make you feel much better.

Eliminate some of the things that aren’t good for you. Find out what attitude or substance you are addicted to. It doesn’t matter if it’s something that’s harmless, what’s negative for you is that it’s so necessary for you to be stable.

 People often have addictive behaviours that go unnoticed. But you could be having such behaviour with work, with the gym. You can even be addicted to perfection and excellence.