Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




The moon in your sign inclines you to feel emotions more intensely and even to show a childish behaviour. Don’t react without thinking. If there’s any doubt, it’s better to keep silent and wait for more information. That way you won’t have to regret anything.

It’s a day in which it seems that the heavens have conspired for you to be experiencing a state of doubt and distress.

If you can meet up with a member of your family, it would be very useful for your affective tone. The presence of this person in your life will provide you with the emotional containment you need.

There’s much to reveal inside you. Years of love hidden behind fears and dark thoughts.


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Favourable news arrives regarding a legal or court situation. If you’re one of the natives who were waiting for the resolution of a trial or sentence, the answers that you expected are coming.

If you’re an enterprising Capricorn, your clients will reward you with good reviews in social media. Check that your data is updated.

The chances of increasing your cash inflow are high. Your generosity and your excellent way of managing material resources will be rewarded by the Universe. Listen to a job offer as it could be of great interest to you.


Many of the natives of your sign tend to suffer from leg problems either because of issues related to your skeletal and joint system or because of varicose veins.

Tired legs after a long day are usually a problem that affects your quality of life. You don’t need to be too old to suffer this problem.

Taking the habit of lying with your legs up will help you improve blood flow and free yourself from the swelling that comes from spending the day without the possibility of rest.