Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Family life is the protagonist for the day. Family reunions with children, grandparents and every relative aren't always pleasant for Capricorn natives.

You know there are some family members who are jealous of the good things you have and your success. It isn't easy to deal with. It's hard to make them see how hard progress is and that each small triumph contains a personal sacrifice. Today it's best to rely on your feminine energy, using maternal understanding so you can understand even the worst defects.

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The expenses of the day will exceed what you'd calculated. A shopping trip will be too expensive and you'll regret not having checked the offers online before leaving the house.

It isn't always a good day for shopping. You could even buy products that aren't of the best quality. Choosing without thinking isn't your thing Capricorn. You're very practical and you usually plan everything. But in recent times, Uranus from the sign of Taurus is making you change the way you are.

Now you allow yourself unforeseen and crazy expenses. You should be more rational if you use your credit card or you could exceed your budget.


You're sore and have neck and shoulder pain more than once a month. And of course, one reason is your bad posture at work. You tend to stoop or use the phone while your hands are busy and another reason is your emotions.

Don't carry the problems of the whole family on your shoulders. If someone has to take care of something, it isn't you. You have a tendency to accept responsibilities and blame and it shouldn't be that way anymore. It's time to relax a little, Capricorn.