Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




The arrival of the Sun to an Earth sign causes the energy that moves in the zodiac to be compatible with yours. This attracts numerous opportunities for you in your love life and in relation to sexual energy.

Many situations that you hadn’t imagined can happen in your romantic relationshipsYour partner or whoever wants to be your partner can have an unpredictable reaction. Something that in no way is credible and yet there it is. Don’t let your guard down or get too angry. Accept what arrives and give into the madness a little. Every so often it’s good to ignore rules and customs.

Don’t throw everything overboard with negative and judgy comments. Keep silent and let your body speak with its movements and caresses.


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Uranus in your business area becomes dynamic and puts you under some pressure. You have to take a path and you find it unsafe. Think that things don’t always appear sincere and open. The information you receive may be little, but you know that in order to win you have to take risks. Being safe doesn’t exist, you have to trust in destiny at the same time as being proactive.

It’s not a good day to waste the money you’ve saved with unnecessary purchases.

Invest in what helps you improve the living conditions of your loved ones Capricorn.


Tension leaves you exhausted. You don’t really know how to control your negative emotions. Remember that not everyone can see life the same way. People being different generates a much more fun world and you should accept these differences as something positive instead of feeling anger and disappointment at times.

If you look to speak with a wise person you may find a way to overcome this tendency of yours.