Capricorn Daily Horoscope for August 23

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The love you feel for people who are important to you is what gives you the strength to accept all the challenges that life presents to you with.

In matters related to your love life, don’t assume that you have won a battle since there may be situations in which financial issues negatively affect your relationship and you might turn back. Arguments and disagreements are possible if you focus your attention on matters related to money and show a greedy side that doesn’t help at all to make love the centre of the situation.

Your partner might expect you to think differently. Show more tenderness in your encounters.

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Money comes and goes and although you experience the possibility of suffering financial difficulties you shouldn’t stop seeing the forest for the trees and experience a day of bitterness.

This is a complex moment, but it isn’t persistent, it’s only a dark bend in the long road of abundance that is your life.

You have to regain confidence, solve your affairs in a more youthful and playful way in which there are no resentments or fear regarding the past.

The moon in Gemini encourages you to allow yourself to see your affairs from different points of view and address them in different ways than usual. But it isn’t a good time for radical changes, you better wait for the arrival of better times.


You must calm your spirits, Capricorn. Too much stress hurts your entire organism. Today isn’t a good day to start any treatment or diets. It will be very good for you to let yourself go into a state of relaxation.

If you’re asked out to dinner or to a bar to meet friends, say yes. A few moments of laughter and fun is what you need right now.