Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




Your charms have paid off, and you will only continue to change your life for the better - but just if you stop reliving the past over and over again.

Don't be sad if you end up losing parts of your old life; you can't move forward in life if you keep wondering what could have been. The past is best left in the past. 

If you focus on the future, you will discover an endless source of opportunities, and even though your natural tendency would be to dismiss concepts such as "luck," today you will be convinced that good things are coming your way. 



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You need to make many changes before you reach your goals and you will have to leave your comfort zone to achieve it. There can be no progress without transformation. 

Forget about your fears of the unknown and start on a new path. You can build an empire with the stones you find along the way - hardships bring about the opportunity for growth. 

Capricorn natives are famous for their patience in professional endeavors and their steady progress. You have that power within, don't forget it. 


There is a small inconvenience which has the potential to embarrass you today - dandruff. That pesky flaking of your scalp which makes you go through uncomfortable moments.   

If you're struggling with this issue try to use a special shampoo with natural products that will balance out the hard water that could be causing dandruff. 

Rinse your hair with lukewarm or cold water with lemon juice after shampooing; this will balance your scalp's Ph and give you shinier hair.