Capricorn Daily Horoscope for January 23

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
- Love
- Money
- Health
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You have no idea the favor they did you when they left. There was nothing more energy-consuming than that relationship where you only got disrespect and disdain in return. 

Today you will have time to take the pulse of your situation and realize how much time you've invested in a lost cause. Pay attention to this lesson, Capricorn: when something ends, you need to start a new chapter and not try to turn back time. 

Strengthen your self-esteem, love yourself more and learn how to put yourself first, because if you don't, no one else will. 


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You're in luck when it comes to money today. Life has a way of balancing out things that when your love life has disappointed you, rest assured that in financial issues you'll be protected. 

You might come across some golden opportunities, your management and sales are going splendidly now that the planets have truly aligned. 

The Moon's positioning in one of the most hardworking and organized signs, the Virgo, will help you be more productive and meticulous so that you keep everything under control. 



You keep insisting on curing your ailments with handfuls of prescription pills, but you should remember the advice given by elders. 

True health is found in everyday activities, a clean diet, and as many medicinal plants as possible. You can't continue with so many bad habits yet expect to get better. 

Start observing yourself and try to pinpoint the reason for your pain. Bad posture can wreak havoc in your everyday life, as back pain affects your overall wellbeing and mood.