Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




Expect a sentimental reconciliation. That is what the planetary alignments have in store for you today. They describe reunions, arrangements, conciliatory conversations, love that returns and people who relive the love they felt in the past.

Don’t think you’ll be out of this astral influence, Capricorn. Leo rules at this moment and this is passion and play and seduction energy.

Wear your best clothes and go back to that love of the past. You shouldn’t expect too much of the future, just contact that part of your life again and take the best things you find.

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You have a very positive day ahead, Capricorn. Everything you want to achieve today will probably happen.

There’s no way your proposals are going to fail, the people with whom you work support you and let you take the lead with your new ideas. You explore possibilities that bring growth and benefits.

Natives who require extra income can experiment with an activity in which they demonstrate their creativity and dexterity. The stars protect them from failures and show them the way to progress.

Don’t believe that everything in your material life is related to earning. It’s often better to do things that are compatible with the way you see things and your deepest likings to earn money and achieve success. Show the best version of you, Capricorn.


The moon in Aries, sign of fire, shows that you can enjoy excitement and joy in moderation. You can suffer from headaches if you don’t give yourself enough hours to rest. You are very demanding with yourself and want to please everyone and do everything on your calendar and that can lead you to exhaust your vital energy.

Organise your day with moderation and don’t let yourself get carried away by the outburst of this fiery moon.