Capricorn Daily Horoscope for June 23

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Capricorn natives who’re single and waiting for their soul mate will understand that they don’t need someone else to make them feel whole, that they are already complete, regardless of whether or not they have a relationship. Reality will show them that in that complete state of being, they crave to be with a person to have fun and share their joy of living.

Those who have a partner will see clearly that they require personal space to develop their interests and that’s something they haven’t looked for until today. This can bring some surprises because people are used to you always being available to help them with their things.


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You have a number of projects in your computer that you haven’t worked on for a while and in the afternoon, you’ll be able to revisit these old ideas. You may discover that they were very good and although you’ve abandoned them for lack of time you have the opportunity to carry them out with very little investment.

If you mention it in your group of friends, you’ll find that some of them will want to get involved to share the success that you could achieve if you insist on achieving your goals. Your ventures can be everything you’ve dreamed of.

Keep going forward knowing that nobody has become a millionaire in a day and that the best have triumphed through persistence.


If you think that eating vegetables will help you be healthy, you’re right, but you need to make sure that they aren’t loaded with toxins from pesticides and that you wash them well to avoid eating bacteria that aren't good for you.

You can’t imagine the amount of microorganisms that live in a simple lettuce leaf. And if you don’t wash raw foods properly, you can get a very bad stomach infection.