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The day could start with some doubts about what you feel and what they feel for you. Suddenly everything turns around and what was safe no longer appears to be.

Take a moment to breathe. Maybe you’re seeing everything under a very dark light. The hardness of the ice that you’ve allowed to form around your heart must melt or you’ll suffer under the weight of your own judgements.

The moon in Scorpio can be a bit difficult since everything becomes suspicious or evil before your eyes. But it’s something that’ll be over soon. Make the most of this influence to play games with your partner, you could change roles or enjoy new activities.

If you focus your attention on your sensuality, you’ll lose the desire to judge.


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Today you’ll have to face a strong argument with a person who thinks radically and completely different to the way you view money and the economy.

The doubts that beset you about where you should invest your savings aren’t going go away by arguing but by talking to those who see finances in a similar way to you.

Discussing politics or social economy is the most disastrous thing for relationships, especially when the exchange of ideas isn’t possible in a pleasant way. It’s better if you don’t waste time or energy.




You spend too much time in front of the computer and that negatively affects your health. You damage your eyesight and your upper back and neck Capricorn.

If you’re feeling dizzy when you move your neck you probably need corrective exercises to help your muscles go back to where they’re meant to be. Having a good posture when you sit at the computer is more than important. You shouldn’t neglect yourself or you’ll have to endure more serious damage in the long term.