Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




The sign of Leo ruling the sky fills life with enthusiasm and pushes you to visualise a more encouraging picture.

It’s a good time to make commitments, renew bonds, establish new patterns of coexistence and improve the conditions of daily life through agreements and conversations.

You can devote a part of the day to meditate on what you want to do and achieve in relation to your closest relationships. Maybe it’s time to distance yourself from people who disturb you and don’t allow you to be at peace. Whatever you can do for your emotional well-being will be fine.

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Many possibilities will emerge from the last conversations and work negotiations. If you aren’t seeing things freely, you’re letting yourself get carried away by fear and negativity.

You may have been allowing your energy to get lost with problems that aren’t yours for a long time. In one way or another, you’ll have to start setting limits so that you have all your energy available.

If there are conflictive people in your environment that steal your time with useless discussions, it’s time to learn how to set a clear and healthy limit. It’s not about mistreatment or lack of appreciation, it’s simply self-love. The best love you can feel to be able to progress in your material world.


If you’ve been suffering from respiratory problems in the last few days, you can trust an improvement in your discomfort. Magic Horoscope suggests that you don’t neglect yourself and follow for the care you need.

The natives who are undergoing treatment will have to trust that if they follow all the medical indications, they’ll be very close to finding better results, having better health and excellent perspectives for the future.

Health is something you’ve learnt to value in the last time like never before, Capricorn.