Capricorn Daily Horoscope for June 24

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If you’re currently single, get out of your house, go for a walk, go to an art exhibition or go to the park with your dog, because this way you’ll be closer to finding love. Going out shows you another part of your heart that is happy staying at home watching a TV program or reading a book. But staying at home also generates melancholy and locks you in your ivory tower.

Those who’re happy in a relationship can be on a date to iron out rough edges and find the background of a problem that has plagued you for some time.


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You have to open your eyes as there are very difficult people in your work environment. They aren’t evil or have bad intentions towards you. They just see things as complex and conflictive so you could get involved in a pitched battle.

You’ll stand out in a new activity in which you didn’t think you could develop such an ability. You could try to establish yourself in this new field since you’re very good at it.

The number of the fortune for the natives of your sign today is 36. This number represents prosperity and abundance for personal evolution on material and spiritual levels.


Your life energy is in total balance. At the beginning of the week, you notice that you feel good after the break and as the week goes, by you begin to show signs of exhaustion and stress.

Find out what a weekend getaway in nature might cost so you can get in touch with water and the effects it has on the psyche. This way you could maintain optimal energy levels.