Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




Don’t swing between being soft like silk and then prickly like a cactus. The stars are aligned so that you can make the most of your emotional crises.

A day awaits you in which your feelings will be going through an unpredictable upheaval. You don’t know what you want. You feel like the water in a swirling pond, where the darkest things you didn’t remember, which were in your heart, come to the surface.

The person next to you will have to be patient and you’ll have to be more considerate to avoid hurting them and opening wounds that won’t close easily.

The natives of the sign who are single can take this transit as an opportunity to think about the difficulties they have to find a partner.


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You have the help of the stars and the moon to experience a moment of great intuition. This sense of perception will help you evaluate the risks that you would run when investing in something you’ve been considering for a few days. You’ll experience it like a hunch or an epiphany.

If you have to look for investors, don’t try to impose your point of view in a harsh or arrogant way, remember that you can use other methods if you want to convince these people of how good this commercial idea is.

You have to be patient.  Better than any other sign, you know what money costs and the things to do with material life.


Health is one of the greatest treasures you have. Without a healthy body that’s balanced and in harmony, you can’t enjoy any aspect of life. That’s why if you suffer a chronic illness, don’t give in to a small temptation that can destroy the positive results you’ve been achieving.