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The natives of your sign are being subjected to great tests lately. A lot of what you thought for sure has been disintegrating or leaving your life without warnings or questions.

You’ve suffered enough for today, Capricorn. That’s why you’ve expected answers or attitudes that take you into account, that value your efforts and the consistency of your feelings and you’ve achieved nothing but contempt or indifference.

That’s why the planetary aspects today impel you to continue forward with an eye on the future.

Don’t argue if it isn’t strictly necessary. Your emotional pain will only grow if you persist in changing the ways in which you interpret everyday reality.


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The reactions of your boss or your co-workers shouldn’t have to affect you like that. It isn’t personal. Perhaps you’re seeing problems where there are none and letting anxiety take control.

Calm down, Capricorn, learn to let go of what isn’t yours. If the problem has been caused by the behaviour of another person, don’t be afraid. Wait until they solve it or ask for your help. Otherwise, you could be in an uncomfortable situation.

Ignore any comment or sterile and negative situation in your life. Watch over your things and look after your integrity.


Are you making efforts regarding your weight and don’t see any results? If you’re one of the natives who can’t increase their weight, today is an excellent day to find the ideal diet. It isn’t what you eat but the way you rest and the nerves that take over your life. You’re in a difficult moment of your life and your body does nothing but reflect the imbalance in which you’re immersed.

It would be ideal if you could make an appointment with a nutritionist.