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Capricorn, escaping your feelings and your passions is no use. Going crazy with sensual love isn't a bad thing. Negative results come from trying to subject those feelings to repression.

There's control that's healthy, but you know what happens when you start to suffer.

The moon is in your sexiest area. Stimulated by the position of the stars in the sky, you might want a sexual encounter that may not be morally acceptable in your mind. People don't always meet all the social requirements that you think they have to to get involved with them.

You may find it overwhelming to know that your body doesn't respond to your thoughts, but that's life with the moon in signs of fire and control is hard, so you'll have to learn to live in chaos.

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The stars show some arguments today on issues regarding money or the possession of real estate.

If you're one of the natives of Capricorn who is waiting for an inheritance or resolution of the division of goods, you could receive news about it during today. Although at the beginning of the negotiations it seems that you're not going to get your fair share, it's most likely that you'll reach favourable agreements and everything will end the best way.

The fortune number for Capricorn natives for today is 17. This number encourages you to follow your intuitions when it comes to business and money.


If you have been going through a medical condition, you have good prospects for healing and well-being today.

The support of your loved ones is great and that's why they'll be available every time you need them. Whether you want to improve your diet or someone to help you keep track of your exercises, you can count on their encouragement and protection.