Capricorn Daily Horoscope for April 25

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You should try to avoid the arguments that may arise today. The moods of the people around you aren’t the best and the cosmic energy brings some instability. Therefore, if you can take refuge in your activities and responsibilities and avoid any arguments, you’ll be safe from major problems.

Natives who are getting separated from their partners should avoid negotiating with their ex, by all means, today as they could be harmed both emotionally and financially. Any excuse will be good to avoid that encounter.

From tomorrow, this conflicting energy is cleared and you can count on the blessing of the stars for everything that’s related to that painful closure.


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If you have your own business you’ll have to pay special attention to what happens today since the Moon is located in your business area and can bring surprises and instability. Check if you have paid all your taxes since you could receive a notification that surprises you about your tax status.

It’s time for you to show how much you can give when you focus on making a business plan. If you leave your fears and blockages behind you’ll be able to plan a more abundant future for your company.

Those who’re looking for a job could receive positive news about it. In particular the native of the first position.


Fertility is usually a problem for some people. Fertility and its intricate paths are a bit or a lot of a concern for some natives of this sign today.

Remember that the moon is a very influential factor in births and pregnancies. The Moon is who governs the cycles of life, the movement of bodily fluids and fertility.

If you want to add a new member to your family you can trust the moon today as it benefits the fertility of the natives of this sign.