Capricorn Daily Horoscope for August 25

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Your relationship may enter a stage in which misunderstanding or different goals in life take such conflicting directions that it becomes difficult to reconcile. You or your partner may wish to travel or move to another city and you or they may not agree on that change.

On the other hand, Capricorn natives who are spending some time alone should not be tempted with the relationships that arise from social media, but above all, starting a long-distance relationship can be very hard.

Astrological aspects show that a lack of physical contact will be detrimental to the evolution of relationships.

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Your finances are improving and show signs of growth. Everything at work will improve and you think that achieving the goals you had is very possible, even if you haven’t yet achieved the results.

You could get a job offer in a foreign country or a surprise trip to a distant city to undertake negotiations for your company. This will be a very important expansion opportunity for you.

Trust the help that planetary energy gives you and get ready for a new path.

Your lucky number for today is 17. In the tarot, this number is “The Star”, the arcane that symbolizes ideas and creativity.


You’re learning a lot regarding the care of your body. You may have to deal with an unimportant but persistent nuisance that keeps drawing your attention.

If you feel you’re in a bad mood it may be the result of a vitamin deficit. But as long as you don’t confirm it with a blood test, you can appeal to your spiritual resources. Meditating, looking for moments of calm and inner peace doing creative activities and sitting in a quiet place to read a good book will not only help you find inspiring ideas but will also bring you physical benefits.