Capricorn Daily Horoscope for February 25

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Single natives of this sign will have a pleasant surprise in the morning. Don't turn down any parties in your honor or presents, there is no better way for those around you to show you how much they love you. Proving that they know what you like is a sign of them paying attention to you. 

You may not believe it, but people see right through you when you're feeling jealous. The reactions you have are not so subtle, and anyone can notice your venomous looks.  

All of your efforts to conceal this will be in vain, and nothing will help you hide it. 


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The Moon's influence from Scorpio is guiding you to the exact place where you can access hidden information. The information that you discover today will help you for the rest of the month. 

Try not to waste your energy planning for the distant future. Your life is happening now, in the present, so don't neglect the urgent matters of the moment.  

You're experiencing significant changes in terms of priorities, and you're flooded by a million ideas, but you lack the courage to try them out. 

This is why we recommend that you plan your steps carefully. 


Magic Horoscope has the ideal recommendation in case you're struggling with anxiety and stress. Try bay leaf infusions to relieve tension and feel calmer. 

Ancient Greeks were familiar with the benefits of this plant, and they used it to relax, for its expectorant properties and to improve digestion. 

Burning bay leaves in a pot will release positivity and mental tranquility while purifying your house from unwanted outside energies.