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You may be thinking about starting a romantic relationship with this special person you haven’t known for a long time. But think carefully if you’re really interested in everything changing and experiencing everything together.

Imagining an ideal life together is a great temptation: shared holidays, breakfast in bed, walks in the park. But the truth is different. The truth is that you have to know the person you’re going to share your life with very well.

The most important thing is to know what you’re willing to give and what you expect to receive from your partner.

The natives who are in a long-term marital relationship may be experiencing a crisis due to planetary alignments. Today is an ideal night for an intimate encounter.


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Start a cycle in which you’re able to earn more than you’re used to and that will give you a break.

The imprint left by the stars helps you see the path of abundance. Most of the jobs you’ve done so far have been very difficult or poorly paid. More relaxed days with favourable rewards await you.

Renew your wardrobe. Sell or give away the clothes that you haven’t been using in recent months. You may have a lot of stagnant energy in your bedroom and releasing it will open a new path in your finances.

Your lucky number for today is 10. This number represents perfection and universal abundance.


You’re a bit nervous during the morning. The effluvia of the moon in the sign of Aquarius generate some mental tension and a wealth of thoughts that are difficult to handle. The transit of the moon to the next sign of Pisces in the afternoon increases your sensitivity and encourages you to perceive the beauty of your surroundings and at the same time, stimulates your imagination.