Capricorn Magic Horoscope
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Don’t deviate from your principles or you’ll end up living according to other people's customs and that will lead you to a very annoying state of dissatisfaction.

It’s time for you to gain confidence in your thoughts even if an army opposes you Capricorn.

Those who claim to love you should respect the way you think and your values.

Don’t avoid conversations that, although they could be annoying or irritating, you need to clarify matters related to living together.

The natives who have children in their care should turn on the alarms because today they need to pay more attention than ever.

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The fear of losing what you have could take you to work too many hours Capricorn.

You won’t be able to avoid thinking trivialities are important and you could waste your energy on matters that aren’t too important instead of paying attention to urgent things such as the expiration of services or deliveries that have been scheduled in advance.

Natives who are trying to get a job could have several interviews today.

Good opportunities will appear, don't let them pass. Your willingness will influence the positive energy of the planets touching you as if it were the magic wand of your fairy godmother.

The lucky number for the natives of Capricorn today is 56, which according to angelic numerology invites you to embrace all changes with optimism.


If you’re one of the natives who worry too much about their health, you’ll have to know that once the test results are in and your doctor tells you’re in excellent health, there’s not much more to do but enjoy yourself.

The ailments you suffer can be a product of mental tension. Learning to relax is essential, Capricorn.