Capricorn Daily Horoscope for April 26

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If you’re one of the natives who are in a committed relationship, avoid flirting by all means as you could be seen by mean people who’ll interpret your actions negatively and talk about you with your enemies.

Look after your relationship as if it were gold. In fact, it’s one of the things that give you the most joy and peace. Therefore, if you’re tempted to have some fun flirting today, bear in mind how much this attitude can hurt.

Think about how it would feel if your partner did the same thing Capricorn. Wouldn’t it break your heart?

Today, those who’re single have the opportunity of flirting and getting more than one proposal or invitation for tonight.


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Fortune comes to your life and dazzles you. Don’t think that if it glitters, it’s gold. You may have to make an effort to get this opportunity and make it work. Getting business isn’t enough, you have to be able to cultivate them and make them flourish.

The prizes to this good management come with the Sun in an Earth sign. It’s important that you save your resources so when inconveniences come you can face them with ease. Don’t neglect tomorrow, Capricorn.

Everyone knows how good you are at your job, so they’ll ask you for help to complete an important task. Consider if it really suits you to participate.


It’s a season when allergies are more likely to be a problem. If you are suffering from seasonal allergies, make sure you get rid of all allergenic substances around you.

It’s a good time to vacuum the entire house and office, get rid of old documents and put stuffed animals in the washing machine.

If you can get rid of those cleaning products that irritate your skin and change them for a softer or more natural one, you would be taking a big step for your well-being.