Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




You could find immense happiness right now, in the present moment. You're finally willing to set aside conflict and misunderstandings to take your relationship to the next level. 

Single Capricorns will have a chance to learn an essential lesson that destiny is bestowing on them.

Sexual energy is at its highest and today is the ideal day to understand your partner's hidden desires and discover new sexual fantasies. 

Try not to get into arguments with Aries or Gemini natives, anything they might have to say today is inconsequential. 


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Perhaps you need more time to think about that investment or trip you keep dreaming about. Keep in mind these are not favorable days for any type of changes of drastic decisions. 

You're fed up with everyday life and a trip away would give you a well-deserved break from so much mental stress. A change is coming, and you know it.  

Workwise, you'll experience an unpleasant situation, even a sad one. Don't dwell on it too much, continue pushing forward and attend to the most urgent matters. This will soon pass. 


Imagine if you let yourself go and allowed yourself to be more open to new and exciting experiences. 

You might find a release from so much pressure once you stop wanting to control everything. 

Find a quiet place and relax your mind and find the inner child. You could try a meditation technique or therapeutic activities such as painting mandalas. 

Your body and mind will be grateful.