Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today is Saturday and it's the perfect day to let yourself float in the arms of temptress Venus, and enjoy romance and games of seduction. Be careful, however, not to land in uncomfortable situations with people whose hearts are already taken.  

A special seductive someone from your group of friends will make their interest for you known. The key, however, is to be clear that they won't give you everything at once. You also need to be explicit about your intentions. 

Remember to wear your lifejacket and dive deep into the fires of passion, Capricorn.  


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You will be able to conclude some business that was weighing on your mind. Once finished, you'll be able to enjoy your afternoon carefree. 

The planets have aligned in your favor today and you will enjoy good luck and material resources, make the most of them as you don't know when you'll enjoy a day as favorable as this one. 

Jupiter's position in the area of your subconscious will help you understand once and for all that money is not synonymous with slavery and that it facilitates more freedom than you expected.  


Take good care of your hair's hygiene. Think about all the pollution that gets stuck in what appears to be a simple head accessory. 

It's understandable how you might believe that a simple shower will do the trick; however, it's not that simple. Your hair functions as antennae that absorb all the surrounding energies which is why many indigenous tribes would wear their hair in dreadlocks. This way their power was preserved and protected from their enemies' evil influence. 

Try to energize your hair with head massages and by brushing it.