Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




Capricorn, you’ve been offended by silly things so many times in the last few days. You don’t want to stay in a situation where you’re not comfortable, but although you try hard, isn’t a time of great changes. First, you have to see if the conditions are right, if you really win or if you may lose a lot along the way.

Of all the signs, you’re being hit by planetary transits hard this season. You have to endure a lot of tension and that isn’t easy for anyone, so look for support in the people who know they love you and a lot.

Younger natives may have a difficult day expressing what they need or what they feel in a situation that’s repeated over and over again.

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Luckily, the week is over and that improves your mood at work. You’ve been accumulating fatigue for a few days and that affects your performance. Have you thought about taking some time off?

Expect positive news regarding credit or a loan you’ve requested. You’ll be benefited thanks to your past merits. The energy of the Universe rewards those who strive to do good.

The natives who wait for scholarship answers can trust that the result will be excellent. Dreaming of progress in your career is something that stimulates the realisation of your goals. Continue to visualise what’s best for you and don’t fall into negative and defeatist thoughts.


Taking advantage of the fact that the moon is in an earth sign supports your growth actions. Your personal care improves when you consider your rest and your food. Don’t hesitate and continue taking the steps you need to improve your physical fitness every day.

The search for a better diet or the most appropriate exercise for your body is one of the ways to give yourself love.