Capricorn Daily Horoscope |





It looks like you’ll be winning that family problem that gives you so many headaches. Don’t try to argue with people who won’t understand your point of view. You won’t reach any positive conclusion, on the contrary, you’ll only manage to make the distance between you bigger.

Time is on your side Capricorn. In a short time, all the signs will show that your truth was correct.

They’ll point at you with heavy artillery, but you’ll be strong enough to defend yourself. Don’t take everything seriously, resort to your sense of humour to overcome this moment. Remember that everyone just isn’t the same. You could be vibrating with higher energy.


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Jupiter in the area that refers to your hidden enemies can bring you some problems regarding legal matters, paperwork and the payment of fees or taxes.

If you have to take care of business that you’ve been putting off and involves lawyers or lawsuits, don’t neglect it and get in touch today. Don’t put it off any longer.

Opportunities to work with foreigners or people from other cultures arise. This will open a travel option regarding business or studies.

The lucky number for the Capricorn for today is 32. This number encourages you to look in your personality for the part that shines the most and that you make the most of it to succeed in life. Don’t neglect your gifts, but use them to your advantage.




The stars favour you today with a very positive cycle of your biorhythm that you could enjoy by enjoying the nature around you. If you live somewhere that’s close to the beach or a lake, don’t miss the opportunity to go for a walk along the shore. Half an hour contemplating the water and the birds that fly around can give a very significant positive turn to your energy and vitality.