Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




Today it’s time to accept uncertainty, to not know about your destiny, to not know the place to which the boat of your life will go.

For the natives of your sign, it’s very difficult not to take the reins of all the events that involve them, especially when they feel that it’s another person who’s controlling things that concern common aspects of life.

But today you can’t escape, you’ll have to surrender to doubt.

If you’re single, let go of all your preconceptions regarding love and enjoy the surprise and adventure that this new person that has entered your life might be. Remember that prejudices have played tricks on you before.

Freedom prepares you for many satisfactions.


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You’re tired of seeing that your work doesn’t progress, that it’s always the same, you feel a slave to your daily life and you can’t escape the conditions that you have accepted.

You shouldn’t suffer all Sunday thinking about your misfortunes. Get to work.

Open an account in job search webpages.

Write your work experience down in a creative way.

 Call all your friends and tell them about your job hunt, maybe they know about something that’s right for you.

Take the necessary steps for change to happen. It isn’t a simple task of course, but a new path that you couldn’t imagine today could open up.


You may need to be thinking of something that keeps your mind away from obsessive thoughts.

Devoting part of your free time to an artistic activity that is to your liking is a very positive thing.

For Earth signs like yours, Capricorn, activities such as pottery, engraving, painting and sculpture are very beneficial. Any of these art forms will take you to a state of mental relaxation that will free you from tensions while you will feel very happy.