Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Traditional romance will go very well. If you’re in an informal relationship, you may feel uncomfortable. You would like to feel more secure or perhaps the pressure you feel from friends or relatives disturbs you and makes you think about whether it’s time to commit.

Marriage is serious Capricorn, it’s a matter in which no one from outside should intervene. Every couple knows their rhythms and their times. Saying yes is a beautiful decision that only depends on two people.

Natives who are single will pay attention to someone who approaches for romantic purposes.

Capricorn, you have experienced disappointments in the past and therefore, be careful before getting too involved.

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Its the perfect day for the natives of your sign in terms of investments and finances in general. Because your traditional way of doing things is perfect with respect to the astral circumstances.

The planet of action is still in Virgo and benefits you. Movements are careful and practical. You won’t make risky decisions and therefore, the profits will be positive and constant even if they’re not great.

The number of the fortune for the natives of your sign for today is 55. In numerology, this number is linked to the ease of doing tasks in a gentle way and forgetting about certain methods that are no longer positive even if they are familiar to you.


Capricorn natives may be suffering from discomfort in their kidneys. You’re affected by the astral aspects that weaken this area of the body.

Decreasing the intake of salt and protein and drinking two litres of water a day are some simple ways to help these valuable organs.