Capricorn Daily Horoscope for April 27

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Be careful if you have to decide to break up or spend some time apart. It’s not the time since Pluto retrograde in your sign could be causing mischief.

Jealousy and suspicion are revived and there’s a tendency to relive the past and moments of extreme emotional pain.

If you are from the third position, these aspects will be affecting your life more strongly.

Sexuality will become a complex terrain since it will awaken negative feelings associated with the need to have everything under control. Suspicion and discomfort flare up.

If you can’t make this period better sweet words and kind actions, you better keep your distance.


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News arrives about an inheritance or money that comes from an older relative. Don’t feel annoyed if it isn’t what you expected. Try to be grateful for everything that comes to your life without making judgements because everyone gives what they can in the best way they can.

Friends will bring news related to projects during the day. Are you ready for a commercial venture? If you were dreaming of having your own business, you could study how to establish a partnership with these people you trust.

Open your arms to receive the abundance that comes in strange ways. When someone shows loyalty and trust you should do everything you can to show your appreciation.


Astral energies are very intense and help you feel completely fit, with a lot of energy and a desire to put get your body moving. You’re feeling fulfilled and you’ll feel the electricity in your body that should be put to good use with physical activities or you could feel angry or explode emotionally. The best thing for today is to go for a walk, a bike ride or go to the gym for a couple of hours. Release those nerves proactively.