Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




Stop doubting yourself on whether or not you should cut someone off. It's important to recognize when that moment comes and act accordingly; you don't have to feel stuck with someone. 

You're feeling as if you can't move forward like you're paralyzed, and it's noticeable in your behavior. It's not pleasant to make progress only to have it yanked from you and pushed back. You know that if you don't decide someone else will do it for you, or destiny will take over. 

The planets' influence urges you to trust your emotions. Allow yourself to feel happy and let optimism lead you to the final result. 



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The Moon's placement in Sagittarius will influence you to be more supportive and idealist. If in the past you haven't even thought about joining an NGO perhaps this would be the right time to offer your help. 

Coming face to face with life's hardships will make you value what you have even more. 

You now see clearly that your biggest desires have little to do with the mundane things you tend to focus on. Venus' influence will give you more confidence.


Take good care of your eyes; recently you've been overworking them, one way or another. Remember that the longer you spend in front of a screen, the more you'll be damaging your eyesight. 

If you spend more than one hour on your mobile phone you should be aware of the long term effects this might have. 

The light given off by your screen can damage your eyes, try to reduce the amount of time you dedicate to social media and being in front of a screen.