Capricorn Daily Horoscope for January 27

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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Today, the Moon is transitioning through Scorpio, and it will inspire you to make a real change regarding your love life. Enough with the temporary solutions that don't get you anywhere.

If you don't see eye to eye anymore, if your time spent together is not special anymore and you argue most of the time then perhaps it would be a good idea to change the focus of your relationship, Capricorn. 

There are various ways of loving and being in a relationship. Society teaches us that you need to get married to be happy, but that might be a fantasy. 

Try a different bond; a relationship evolves in time, be open to new experiences. 

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Your intuition is strong and this Sunday you will be able to plan for the week ahead.

You could make the most of today and enjoy the sun and its abundant influence and channel positive vibes into your life. You could even try this ritual: when the sun is up high, light a golden candle while you say your prosperity intentions out loud, either intended for you or those close to you. 

Today's lucky number is 71. 



Capricorns are going through a delicate period concerning their skin, so the planets' suggestion for today is that you protect it from the wind, the sun, smoke, and any air conditioning.

Natives of this sign are currently risking ace, dermatitis, and skin infections. 

Your skin is what connects you to the outside world, which is why it's vital to protect it, clean and hydrate it and stay alert for any changes.