Capricorn Daily Horoscope for June 27

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Preparing for the worst has given you very good results most of the time. It’s not that you’re pessimistic, but that you see all the sides of the issues in which you’re involved.

Of all the signs of the zodiac, you’re one of the crudest when it comes to seeing reality and that’s why today you find yourself face to face with the worst of your suspicions. It isn’t the best time for love in your life.

What you intend to achieve doesn’t end up becoming true, destiny insists on you feeling lonely even if you’re one of the natives who are in a relationship.

Scaring away the ghosts of doubt won’t be enough to ease your heart. Maybe it’s a good idea to talk with a friend you trust. It can help you understand your reality.

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Success is just around the corner. Don’t let it get away because if you learn to take your chances, being able to achieve all your dreams depends on you.

You often find yourself distracted because you see the negative details of issues and thinking about good manners in an exaggerated way. Don’t stop yourself from doing things because you’re thinking about what your family is going to say about it. The dreams of your parents aren’t yours and perhaps you might be too attached to traditions.


The stars tell you that you should be careful with injuries or intoxications at home. There are many risks within your own home if you aren’t careful and do things in a foolish and crazy way.

Try to practice the art of being present. Let everything you do all day be conscious to avoid problems. You’ll also be doing your mind and your nervous system a great favour. You’ll feel more relaxed emptying your mind of internal dialogue.