Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




The moon in your sign will favour you to be more sensitive and connected at night. If you have a problem with a woman, it’s an excellent time to connect with her and smooth out rough edges. But without neglecting your love for yourself, which is the most important loves you have.

Through good use of the love you have for yourself is how you can respect others and find the way of having a good relationship. If you allow disrespect or humiliation once, you’re allowing this situation to repeat itself many times.

The natives of the first position will experience a very sensitive day.

Both those with partners and those who are single have an excellent day ahead to review their feelings and make sense of them today.


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The relationship you have with work is the easiest way you found these last few days to escape from so many worries about your personal life. You lock yourself in your duties and nothing exists and no one can ask for you since you’re doing what you should.

But you won’t always be able to behave like this without anyone noticing. The important thing is that you’re happy doing what you like. Don’t let it be your refuge since every aspect of life has to have its space in your head and in your day.

 Today you have the wind in your favour to achieve your wishes and meet your expectations regarding the day. Luck is on your side.


If you keep avoiding sport, you’ll have to face complications in your health in the not too distant future. Go back to the tracks. Run, skate or play tennis. What you like most is fine, just move those muscles. It doesn’t matter if you’re thin, your arteries need that oxygenation that only physical activity can provide. Remember that every year that passes life becomes more sedentary.