Capricorn Daily Horoscope for April 28

Your horoscope for Sunday
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Having a beautiful Sunday with your partner will depend on your willingness to come to an understanding. If you’re in a bad mood from early in the morning, you should try to snap out of it so your actions or words hurt less.

Natives who don’t currently have a partner can expect a call or contact from a person who barely knows them. It’ll be a beautiful surprise if you stop having unrealistic expectations and allow life to flow and shape itself the way fate decides.

When you want things in your life to be just as you imagine them, you’re curbing the flow of joy and the emotional integrity that’ll make you feel so good.

Let things fall into place without your intervention, open your mind to the possibility of life being wonderful for you.


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You’re on a path of abundance that you didn’t expect Capricorn. The negotiations you’ve made in the past days show that the path you’ve taken is the right one.

Today it would be very positive for you to rest in order to build your energy back up. You can’t always be doing things. Take a little time for yourself.

Be careful with gossip, don’t tell anyone about your plans or the way you plan to handle your work. There are people in your immediate environment who don’t like good things happening to you and could share your information and damage your projects.


Today more than ever, you’ll see the way in which feelings and moods have a marked influence on your health.

Bad news or a bad word from a loved one is enough to make you feel down. You need to start having control over this aspect of your personality. Joy and peace are the pillars of good health.