Magical Horoscope 7
Daily Capricorn | Magic Horoscope



If you ever feel bored and trapped in the same routine, day in, day out, you should know that the only person to blame is yourself, Capricorn. You're the one who prefers to stay cooped up inside instead of having some fun. 

You need fresh air, to meet new people that can fuel your imagination with their energies and inspire you to take a fresh perspective on life.  

Therefore, if you receive an invitation today, don't hesitate too much. There will always be chores to finish around the house, but you also have to allow yourself to connect with people and enjoy yourself. 

Fuel your enthusiasm and get out there!



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Resist the urge of turning into the pot that called the kettle black. You have a strict way of looking at things, and sometimes you're overly criticizing of those around you. It might end up damaging your relationships with them. 

Remember that you are not exempt from judgment by others and your harsh communication style will lose you points. 

Try to stay calm and keep your ideas to yourself; it's not the best day for expressing your opinions. 

Today's lucky number is 60, let it inspire you and influence you to take on life with a more loving and peaceful approach. 


Chest pain does not equate cardiac arrest or imminent death. Heart contractions are more common than you believe. 

The pain you're experiencing could be due to anxiety - being mentally stressed can affect your muscles and the discomfort could cause you some panic. Relax, breathe in, and massage your chest with arnica cream, you'll feel instantly better.