Capricorn Daily Horoscope for January 28

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You're riddled by doubt, and you feel like your relationship could have gone a different route. One moment you're hot, and you want to continue with your affair, and the next you're cold and questioning the whole thing. 

You can't continue living like this, Capricorn. This state of confusion is hurting both you and those around you.

Try and find a neutral state of mind and decide what you want to do instead of being stuck at a crossroads. A decisive move on your part could clear many paths that are otherwise full of obstacles. 

If you're single, wait for a few days before saying "yes" to that proposal. If you've been asked to marry someone, although it might not be very romantic, take some time to think about it before you commit. 


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You might receive expensive gifts today or perhaps an invitation to a business mixer. Make sure not to miss out, Capricorn, as you might run into valuable opportunities. 

Today at work, try to be as diplomatic as you can. You're prone to being too direct, and it might get you in trouble; remember you're a proud person, you don't want to have to apologize later. 

Appeal to your seriousness and sense of responsibility and don't fall prey to your impulses. 


Listen to the call of nature. You tend to deal with all your problems and then be too exhausted to enjoy your own body and sexuality. You're experiencing low libido and it's not an ideal moment for your health. 

Having intercourse is a wonderful experience with many health benefits attached: decreases anxiety, activates the circulation and the immune system, helps prevent cancer and alleviates migraines, among other things.